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    From TRUE UNITY: by Tom Dorrance: Slow is Fast


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    From TRUE UNITY: by Tom Dorrance: Slow is Fast Empty From TRUE UNITY: by Tom Dorrance: Slow is Fast

    Post  Ivonne on Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:36 am

    It may seem like you will never get anything accomplished, but sometimes going slow is the quickest way to get there.

    Talk about TRUE! Wow. This one blew me for a loop the first time I became aware of it happening and every time after that.

    I'll be working with a horse on something...and it just doesn't seem to click. Something's off. The horse is starting to get aggitated because he's feeling that I'm not as 100% then I stop, think....okay....what if....instead of asking for this,....I break it up and only get a baby step toward it?

    For example, a horse is very stiff to softening up the neck and disengaging the hips and getting that cross over in the hind end. You can't get that good cross over if the horse's body is stiff...I'm talking about with the body bending softly....and that happens when the neck is soft...can't get the shoulders when the neck is stiff either....

    So, I'll add a baby step: at the stand still, flex just the neck. Nevermind the feet. Just the neck. soften up. Ok got that. Good. Now soften the neck by flexing and then dis the hip.

    Now go back to the original lesson: go forward, dis the hip but with a softer neck = gives me the nose = better softness, and the horse "gets it"...faster...

    So, might seem like it takes forever because I got to break it down to baby stepping....but in the long run...the horse doesn't get frustrated and sees the release and goes for it by putting his whole body into it = soft bending all around


    What's your example? What's your thoughts on this?

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    From TRUE UNITY: by Tom Dorrance: Slow is Fast Empty Re: From TRUE UNITY: by Tom Dorrance: Slow is Fast

    Post  mtnmollie on Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:16 am


    "So, I'll add a baby step" Yes- yes.

    I talk about this in my one step thread.

    One step leads to two. 🎅

    WE are on the same page. study

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